Powerbox PBR-12X 8260



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        • Powerbox PBR12X 8260

        • Features

          • 12 channels
          • Electronic switch
          • MR30 high-current input
          • Two serial inputs for the receiving system
          • Automatic RC system detection
          • Telemetry data for PowerBox P²BUS, Jeti Ex-BUS, Spektrum and Futaba S.BUS2
          • Transfer of voltage, current, capacity, lost frames and holds
          • User-variable servo frame rate: 10ms, 12ms, 14ms, 16ms, 18ms
          • All features can be controlled from PowerBox and Jeti transmitters
          • All systems can control unit via BlueCom or PowerBox-USB
          • Servo feedback current suppression
          • Machined and anodised aluminium switch case
          • Space-saving design
          • Ultra-low weight


          Technical Data

          Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
          Power supply 2S LiPo/LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
          Current drain Power-on state 25mA
          Current drain Standby 20μA
          Maximum load current Duration 12A (< 30s: 20A)
          Supported RC systems Core P²BUS, Jeti Ex-Bus, Spektrum SRXL2, Futaba S.
          Receiver redundancy SRS
          Channels 26
          Product description
        • The PBR-12X is ideal for use in any model where space is limited, but where a large number of channels is required. The square arrangement of the servo sockets allows the PBR-12X to fit even in very narrow fuselages, such as those of, F5J- and F3B-gliders.

          The integral electronic switch is operated using our MicroSwitch. If there is no space for this, the PBR-12X can be activated simply by plugging in or disconnecting the battery, as it stores the last switched state.
          The unit features an integral high-current input with a compact MR30 connector in order to cope reliably with the current drain of twelve servos. An MR30 to MPX adapter is included in the set.

          Any receiver with a bus output can be used as the receiving component. The unit automatically detects the bus system to which it is connected, which means that no set-up work is required apart from setting the fail-safe positions. Two receivers can be connected to form the basis for a redundant receiving system. If the PBR-12X detects lost data packets from the first receiver, they are replaced with the data from the second receiver; there is no loss of data.

          The advantage of separating the receiving section from the servo output is that the receiving component can be installed in the optimum location in the model. For example, if your model has a high carbon fibre content in the area of the wing - fuselage junction , you can install the receiver in the fin.

          The PBR-12X supplies telemetry data to all the listed radio control systems. In addition to battery voltage, the telemetry output includes current and consumed capacity. Reception data, such as lost frames or holds, are also delivered to most systems.


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