Powerbox PowerPak 2.5X3 Pro 2535



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  • Powerbox PowerPak 2.5X3 Pro 2535
  • Features

    • Integral charge / security electronics (PRO version)
    • Can be charged using mains PSU or 12 V adapter (PRO version)
    • Integral voltage monitor using external LED (PRO version)
    • Packs assembled using the latest generation of high-current Li-Ion batteries
    • Two different versions: ECO and PRO
    • Two different output voltages: 8.4 V and 12.6 V
    • For use as receiver power supplies or turbine batteries
    • Integral balancer
    • Integral charge socket
    • Rugged case protects cells from external influences

      Technical Data

      Battery type LiIon
      Capacity 2500mAh
      Nominal voltage 11.1V
      Final charge voltage 12.6V
      Charge voltage 10V - 17V
      Weight 191g
      Weight, mounting frame 8g
      Temperature range, discharge

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