Powerbox Premium Servo Lead 10M 1009/1000



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  • Powerbox Premium Servo Lead 10M 1009/1000
  • Features

    • 0.35mm² cross section
    • 30% weight saving
    • only 11g/m
    • fire resistant
    • robust isolation
    • employed in full-size aviation

    Product description

    Premium servo cable is manufactured specially for PowerBox Systems. The cable is extremely flexible, and is made up using very thin individual strands in order to pass the maximum current through the given cross-sectional area of 0.35mm². The insulation is made of a special material which is also employed in full-size aviation. It is virtually indestructible, and offers excellent protection even when reduced to just a thin film around the copper conductor.

    This insulation produces a weight reduction of about 30% compared with the conventional PVC.

    For comparison: in spite of its larger cross-section, the 0.35 mm² Premium cable offered here is lighter than standard 0.25 mm² PVC cable.

    The insulation is fire resistant, and its heat resistance is much higher than the usual PVC.


    Premium cable is resistant to petrol, kerosene and other liquids commonly used in model flying, but it has limited resistance to UV radiation. Do not subject Premium cable to direct sunlight for protracted periods (for days).

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