PowerBox Spark Switch RS - 6V regulated 6600



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      • PowerBox Spark Switch RS - 6V regulated 6600

      • Features

        • Optical separation between the receiving system and the ignition system
        • External LED switch status indicator
        • Regulated (6.0V) or pass-through output voltage
        • RPM monitor for all current telemetry systems
        • Telemetry function for PowerBox, Jeti, Futaba, Graupner, Multiplex, Spektrum, JR
        • Failsafe mode
        • Machined aluminium heat-sink
        • Compact, low-profile format

        Technical Data

        Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
        Current drain Power-on state 19mA
        Current drain Standby 0.2μA
        Maximum load current max. 2A
        Output voltage 6,0V / unregulated
        Signal input PWM
        Dimensions 56 x 29 x 10 mm
        Weight 15 g
        Temperature range -30°C to +105°C
        Product description
      • The SparkSwitch RS is a compact, high-performance ignition switch featuring rotational speed (RPM) monitoring and optional voltage regulation for 6V ignition systems. The SparkSwitch RS enables the user to switch the ignition on and off conveniently from the transmitter. The switched state can be checked at any time using the external LED or a telemetry status message. These features of the SparkSwitch RS enhance operating safety as well as simplifying the handling of petrol engines. In an emergency - such as the failure of a throttle servo - the SparkSwitch RS can be used to stop the engine quickly.

        An important feature is galvanic separation between the receiving system and the ignition system. The switching process as well as RPM feedback from the ignition unit are optically isolated from the receiver. This ensures that a fault in the ignition system shielding, or any other defect, cannot cause interference to the sensitive receiving system.

        The RPM (rotational speed) monitor input can be connected directly to the Tacho output of the ignition unit - if present. If your ignition system does not include a Tacho socket, we can supply a separate sensor RPM-Probe which can be connected in parallel with the Hall sensor. The RPM data can be transferred to any of the current telemetry systems: the SparkSwitch RS automatically detects the system in use, eliminating the need for adjustments using the USB interface.

        The SparkSwitch RS can be supplied in either of two variants: with or without voltage regulation. The regulated variant reliably reduces the input voltage (max. 9.0V) to 6.0V. The version without voltage regulation passes the full voltage (max. 13.0V) through.

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