Powerbox Voltage Regulator Linear 5.9V 5510


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    • Powerbox Voltage Regulator Linear 5.9V
  • Product description

    Systems formerly powered by NiMH batteries can now be converted easily to LiPo or LiFePo batteries using the PowerBox voltage regulator. This represents the ideal solution for small power models, gliders, helicopters and also ignition systems, as it enables the modeller to exploit all the advantages of modern battery types.

    The voltage regulator is simply looped in between the switch and the receiver, and reduces the voltage to 5.9 V (Order No. 5509: 5.3 V). This voltage is approved for all standard 6.0 V servos.


    The voltage regulator also passes through the servo signal, which is useful if the reduced voltage is only required for one individual servo, as it means that HV and 6 V servos can be operated with the same receiver.

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