Robbe FS277 MG HV Digital Servo



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  • Robbe FS 277 MG HV Digital Servo
  • Similar to Hitec HS81 & HS82 Servos


  • Technical specifications
    Ball bearing (BB): without
    Transmission Type: metal
    Height (mm): 29.7
    Weight (g): 20th
    Width (mm): 13
    Servo type: Digital HV
    Toothing: 40Z
    Operating voltage (V): 6.0 - 7.4
    Length (mm): 28
    Adjustment force kg / cm (6V): 3.5
    Positioning time sec./60° (6V): 0.11
    Adjustment force kg / cm (7.4V): 4.0
    Positioning time sec./60° (7.4V): 0.09

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