Robbe FS282 BB MG HV Servo



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  • Robbe FS 282 BB MG HV Servo
  • The FS 282 BB MG HV is a top-class metal geared servo with double ball bearings and an incredible 6 kg actuating force. The middle part of the housing is made of magnesium for better heat dissipation. This makes the FS 282 BB MG HV ideal for larger sailors where there is little space but high power and robustness are still required.

    The Robbe FS servos are high-quality and precisely manufactured steering machines for the RC sector. Due to the high manufacturing standard and the processing quality achieved as a result, you achieve maximum power, speed, reliability and positioning accuracy. The Robbe FS Servo series impresses with its exceptionally good price-performance ratio.

    Technical specifications
    Ball bearing (BB): ••
    Transmission Type: metal
    Weight (g): 17
    Length (mm): 23
    Width (mm): 12.2
    Height (mm): 27.2
    Servo Type: Digital HV
    toothing: 25T
    Operating voltage (V): 6-7.4
    Actuating force kg/cm (7.4V): 6.0
    Actuating time sec./60° (7.4V): 0.10

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