Robbe FS 300 BB MG Digital Servo


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  • Robbe FS 300 BB MG Digital Servo
  • The Robbe FS 300 BB MG Digital is a 15/16mm class servo with high positioning speed. It is mainly flown on all rudders in 50-60 aerobatic models. However, it can also be used as an aileron and flap servo for gliders with a wingspan of up to 5m.
  • Technical specifications
    Ball bearing (BB): ••
    Transmission Type: metal
    Weight (g): 26.65
    Length (mm): 36
    Servo Type: Digital
    Width (mm): 15
    Operating voltage (V) LV: 4.8 - 6.0
    Height (mm): 32.4
    Actuating force kg/cm (4.8V) LV: 3.05
    Actuating time sec./60° (4.8V) LV: 0.12
    Actuating force kg/cm (6V) LV: 3.65
    Actuating time sec./60° (6V) LV: 0.10

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