Robbe FS155 BB MG HV Servo



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  • Robbe FS155 BB MG HV Servo

    The Robbe FS 155 BB MG HV is a new high-voltage wing servo of the 11mm class with a full metal gear and output gear / shaft made of steel, which were designed for extreme loads and durability.

    The housing is made of impact resistant, tough plastic that is extremely temperature stable. The motor and digital control electronics meet the highest quality standards and the Japan potentiometer ensures maximum reset accuracy.

    The Robbe FS 155 BB MG HV is very good as a wing servo for ailerons and, thanks to its robustness, also suitable for flaps.
    It can be used on ailerons in hotliners or in sailors up to 4m span, e.g. F5J.

    The Robbe FS servos are high quality and precisely manufactured rowing machines for the RC area. Due to the high manufacturing standard and the resulting processing quality, you achieve a maximum of power, speed, reliability and positioning accuracy. The Robbe FS Servo series impresses with its exceptionally good price-performance ratio.

    Technical specifications
    Ball bearing (BB): ••
    Transmission Type: metal
    Weight (g): 12th
    Height (mm): 24.6
    Length (mm): 22.5
    Width (mm): 11.5
    Servo type: Digital HV
    Toothing: 21Z
    Operating voltage (V): 6.0 - 7.4
    Adjustment force kg / cm (6V): 1.9
    Positioning time sec./60° (6V): 0.08
    Adjustment force kg / cm (7.4V): 2.2
    Positioning time sec./60° (7.4V): 0.06

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