Robbe Ro-Control 40A 2-3S -40 (55) A 5V / 3A BEC



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  • Robbe Ro-Control 40A 2-3S -40 (55) A 5V / 3A BEC
    Description "ROBBE RO-CONTROL 3-40 2-3S -40 (55) A 5V / 3A BEC"
    Robbe's RO-CONTROL Pro series includes professional aircraft controls with the best and most reliable performance. This series of controllers is aimed at experienced pilots who value performance and quality.

    The ROBBE rocontrol series is a controller series which was primarily developed for aircraft. These cover a wide range from 12A to 130A. The ROBBE rocontrol controllers are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
    • The gas path can be calibrated.
    • Various programming options are available: with the stick of the remote control or with the LED program card. So the controller can be programmed anywhere.
    • Compatible with LiPo and NiMH batteries
    • The timing can be changed to be compatible with a wide variety of brushless motors
    • Full protection mechanisms such as: undervoltage shutdown, overheating protection and gas signal loss protection

    Technical specifications
    Cells: 2-3 LiPo
    Duration A: 40
    Weight (g): 39
    Max A: 55
    BEC: 5V / 3A
    Type: Brushless
    Size (mm): 68/25/8

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