Robbe Ro-Control 50A 2-4S -50 (70) A 5V / 5A Switch Bec



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  • Robbe Ro-Control 4-50 2-4S -50 (70) A 5V / 5A Switch Bec
    The ROBBE rocontrol series is a controller series which was primarily developed for aircraft. These cover a wide range from 12A to 130A. The ROBBE rocontrol controllers are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
    • The gas path can be calibrated.
    • Various programming options are available: with the stick of the remote control or with the LED program card. So the controller can be programmed anywhere.
    • Compatible with LiPo and NiMH batteries
    • The timing can be changed to be compatible with a wide variety of brushless motors
    • Full protection mechanisms such as: undervoltage shutdown, overheating protection and gas signal loss protection

    Technical specifications
    Cells: 2-4 lipo
    Duration A: 50
    Weight (g): 41
    Max A: 70
    BEC: 5V / 5A
    Size (mm): 65/35/14
    Type: Brushless

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