Robbe Servo Tester V2 4,8-8,4V



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    • Robbe Servo Tester V2 4,8-8,4V

    • The servo tester allows to test servos and speed controllers during construction and testing without the use of the remote control. Up to three components can be connected and can be used for different makes of remote control with adjustable neutral point 1520 µs for robbe Futaba, 1500 µs JR/ Graupner and MPX. The wide permissible voltage range (4.4-8.4V DC) also allows HV servos to be connected and tested.

  • The following tests are possible:
    - Servo neutral position
    - Servo travel in both directions up to the end position
    - Running behaviour of a servo under continuous load
    - Adjusting the switching point of a controller
    - Synchronization of the switching points and the maximum speed for multi-motor electric models with separate controllers.
    - switch to HRS modulation.

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