SAB Goblin Kraken Yellow/Blue SG741


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      • SAB Goblin Kraken Yellow/Blue SG741
    • The new Kraken kit includes all the latest upgrades: yellow and blue canopy, tube and crankcase, white landing gear and titanium main shaft and spindle.

       Kraken Heli Kit including upgrades, lighter hood + tail boom, white landing gear, titanium main rotor & tail rotor shaft, drive train in aluminum housing, stable, light, modular. Ultra-light 7075 aluminum rotor head, highly adjustable.

      The following upgrades are included:
      H1137-S SAB hood (lighter design) yellow / blue
      H1142-S SAB tail boom (lighter design) yellow / blue
      H1143-S + H1144-S SAB lower side plate right + left (lighter design) yellow / blue
      H1070 -WS SAB plastic landing gear white
      H1138-S SAB Titanium
      blade bearing shaft H1054-T SAB Titanium main rotor shaft


      • New drive train in an aluminum housing, stable, light, modular.
      • New main rotor shaft made of a steel alloy with integrated freewheel.
      • Independent shafts for stern and main belt drives for easier assembly.
      • New ultra-light 7075 aluminum rotor head. Highly adjustable,
      • leading linkage and fully adjustable damping system.
      • New rear housing and faster replacement of the rear fin.
      • Overall 22% lighter than the old Goblin rear case.
      • New chassis and rear design with integrated components and a lightweight hood.
      • New improved crash system for the tail
      boom • Crash-resistant mechanics.

      Technical specifications

      Rotor diameter 1558mm
      rotor blade length: 690mm
      Weight: 3820g grams (without flight battery)

      Recommended Components (not included)
      • swashplate servos: Standard 40mm
      • Tail Servo: Standard 40mm
      • Brushless ESC / ESC: 12S, 160-200A
      • Brushless Motor: 12S 520-540KV , max. 64x64mm
      • Batteries: 12S 44.4V LiPo 4200-5500mAh, max. 60x58x350mm

      scope of delivery

      • SAB Goblin KRAKEN Heli Kit
      • SAB TBS Carbon main & tail rotor blades
      • Assembly instructions

      Is still needed

      • 1x remote control (at least 6-channel)
      • 1x receiver (suitable for remote control)
      • 1x brushless controller (12S, 160-200A)
      • 1x brushless motor (12S 520-540KV, max. 64x64mm)
      • 3x swashplate servos (standard size (40mm ))
      • 1x tail servo (standard size (40mm))
      • 1x flybarless system (e.g. MICROBEAST Plus)
      • 1x flight battery (LiPo 1x 12S 44.4V 4200-5200mAh or 2x 6S 22.2V 4200-5200mAh)


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