Saito FG21 Petrol Engine With Elec Ignition



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  • Saito FG-21 Petrol Engine With Elec Ignition
  • Product Features

    • The FG-21 runs with any good quality forecourt petrol, mixed 20:1 with oil.
    • Power comparable to that of the FA-125a.
    • High quality professional finish adds scale realism.

    Product Description

    Spurred on by the success of the FG-36, Saito have developed a smaller petrol four stroke engine, the FG-21. Supplied with an electronic ignition system, the FG-21 offers power comparable with Saito's FA-125a glow engine. The carburettor features a diaphragm pump that is very tolerant of differences in fuel levels, making it unfussy regarding fuel tank positioning. This means you can now fit the tank to give the best centre of gravity for the airframe rather than worrying about the best position to keep the engine running. The pump also allows for smooth running during advanced aerobatic manoeuvres.

    Bore: ø32.0mm
    Stroke: 26.0mm
    Stroke Volume: 20.91cc
    Weight: Body - Approx 690g, Muffler - Approx 83g, Ignition System - Approx 113g, Mount - Approx 156g
    Practical RPM: 2,000 ~ 9,500
    Fuel: Petrol(Gasoline):Oil = 20:1 (Volume Ratio)
    Fuel Flow: Approx 15cc/min (at full throttle, approx 8,800 rpm) Fuel flow variess depends upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less fuel with smaller (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases.
    Prop: 15 x 8 ~ 16 x 6in
    Static Thrust: 3~4kgf (8,800RPM)