Saito FG-60R3 Petrol Engine 3-Cylinder Radial Engine With Elec Ignition



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    • Saito FG-60R3 Petrol Engine 3-Cylinder Radial Engine With Elec Ignition

      Product Features:

      • 2S Li-Po battery compatible ignition without a regulator provides easy starts and reliable performance
      • 4-stroke sound that Saito™ engines are famous for
      • Complete with electronic ignition, flexible exhaust pipes and engine standoffs
      • Bronze-bushed master rod and improved intake plenum design


      The Saito™ FG-60R3 engine is designed specifically for scale and sport models.

    • Above and beyond the advantages of a 4-stroke gas engine, this is the engine for those who like to run clean and efficient engines.

    • Accompanied by Saito power and precision craftsmanship, distinguished look and sweet sound, this is the engine many of you have been waiting for.

    • This engine provides easy starts and reliable performance due to the 2S LiPo-compatible electronic ignition.

    • The Saito gasoline carburetor features a rotating barrel specially made for 4-stroke engines, ensuring reliable fuel feed and outstanding performance at any attitude. Complete with mufflers, engine mount, and electronic ignition.

      As an expert in reliable 4-stroke engines, Saito engineers spent years developing the best-built 4-stroke gas engine. The power-to-weight ratio of a Saito engine creates a one-of-a-kind flying experience.

      Bore: ø32mm x 3
      Stroke: 25mm x 3
      Displacement: 60.32cc
      Weight: Body: 1,800g / Muffler: 90g / Ignition: 195g (All Approx)
      Practical Range: 1,500 ~ 7,000RPM
      Recommended Prop: 21 x 10in ~ 23 x 8in
      Static Thrust: Approx 7Kg
      Fuel Efficiency: 30cc/min Fuel flow varies depends upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less fuel flow with smaller (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases).