Savox SC 0252MG Servo


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    • Savox SC0252MG Servo
  • Savox SC0252MG Servo Features:

    • Precise-made metal gearsform the solid and strong framework of our servos.
    • Production and quality control of plastic component in our servos follow the standard of branded digital camera.
    • Totally Green – from material to production, our servos are environmentally friendly

    Spec Check:

    • Dimensions: 40.7 x 20 x 39.4mm
    • Weight: 49g**
    • Speed @6V (sec/60°): 0.19
    • Torque @ 6V (kg-cm/oz-in): 10.5/145.7
    • Gear: Metal
    • Case: Durable Plastic

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