Scott Gray Products Reactor HVX Voltage Regulator

Model Heli Services


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Designed to operate flight systems and servos of high-performance helicopters, UAVs, and R/C aircraft.\n\nThe challenge of any R/C power system is to supply unrestricted current to hard-working servos with the lowest resistance possible. Typical direct 2s Li-PO battery setups lack properly sized wiring and connections that the latest HV servos demand. These marginal setups often rely on a single connector rated for barely 3 Amps -- one HV servo alone can draw more than 3 Amps! HVX remedies poor power setups by featuring two independent voltage busses and redundant receiver power connections eliminating possible brown-outs and bad connections. HVX allows over 25 Amps of current draw and simultaneously powers servos anywhere from 5.2V up to 9.0v lightning fast overdrive! By using 3s Li-PO input power, receiver and servos alike operate reliably and consistently whether the on-board battery is fully charged or nearly empty. HVX even allows you to monitor the on-board battery status on your transmitter with built in telemetry functionality!\n\nHVX includes an industry first “Push To Start” intelligent on/off control. This new fail-safe switch system with never-shut-down technology guarantees peace of mind when flying even the most expensive machines.\n\nExperience a whole new level of amazingly fast response, consistent feel, and peace of mind with HVX

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