Seagull Decathlon Xtreme (20cc) 2.0m (79 in). SEA83B



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  • Seagull Decathlon Xtreme (20cc) 2.0m (79 in)
  • Key Features
    • Lightweight, high quality balsa and ply construction.
    • Authentic true-scale colour scheme.
    • Beautifully covered in genuine Oracover film.
    • Factory painted glass fibre engine cowl.
    • Easy cabin access via removable cockpit door.
    • Easy wing removal aids storage and simplifies transportation.
    • Full hardware pack included.
    • Quality dural undercarriage.
    • Spring tensioned steerable tail wheel assembly.
    • Colour-coordinated glass fibre wheel spats.
    What's in the Box
    • 1x Factory assembled and covered fuselage.
    • 1x Factory assembled and covered 2-piece wing set.
    • 1x Factory assembled and covered fin & rudder.
    • 1x Factory assembled and covered tailplane.
    • 1x Factory painted glass fibre cowl.
    • 1x Sturdy dural undercarriage assembly.
    • 1x Factory painted wheel spat set.
    • 1x Comprehensive hardware pack (screws, horns, pushrods, fuel tank etc.).
    • 1x Conversion mount for electric power.
    • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
    Needed to Complete
    • 1x 20cc petrol / glow engine or electric equivalent.
    • 1x 4 / 6-channel computer transmitter and receiver combo.
    • 1x Propeller to suit your engine / motor.
    • 6x Standard size, digital, metal gear servos.

    Product Description
    Tracing its lineage back to the 1944 Aeronca Champ, the Decathlon Xtreme was introduced in 2012 to a performance-hungry light aviation market that craved more power, more performance and more versatility than the earlier Super Decathlon. The result was a 210hp clipped-wing aerobatic two-seater with a reduced take-off distance, improved top speed, faster climb rate, greater service ceiling and numerous other significant benefits.

    Seagull’s 2m span laser-cut balsa and ply model beautifully replicates the character of this massively popular aircraft in both looks and performance. Perfect for solo pilots of practically any ability, save learners, this is a model that’s as happy doing circuits and bumps as it is flying an end-to-end knife-edge pass down the strip. You’re going to love it, not just for its all-round versatility in the air but also for the superior build quality and overall ease of ownership. Plug-in wing panels and speedy rigging are the ticket here, along with a cockpit door hatch that offers easy access to a voluminous fuselage.

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