Seagull L4 Grasshopper 90" 20cc. SEA325



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  • Seagull L4 Grasshopper 90"
  • Wingspan--------------- 90.0 in (228.6 cm).
    Wing area--------------- 1182.3 sq.ins (76.3
    Weight------------------- 13.2 lbs (6.0 kg).
    Length------------------- 56.8 in (144.2 cm).
    Engine/Motor size----- 20cc gasoline.
    Radio--------------------- 4 channels with 5 servos

    ITEM CODE :  SEA325

    * High quality balsa and balsa plywood, these make light weight construction and with airfoiled tail surfaces
    * Superb flying characteristics, plus great-looking scale outline
    * Plug-in wings make for easy assembly and disassembly, as well as easy transport to and from the flying field
    * Realistic gradated camouflage trim scheme with Oracover film covering with matte finished.
    * Includes durable landing gear.
    * Highly Detailled Cockpit with Light Weight Painted Pilot figure adds sporty, scale detail.
    * Painted fiberglass cowl
    * All necessary hardware included for either glow or electric power system
    * The L-4 Grasshopper is a lot of fun. It is a perfect airplane to use as a trainer, cruise around as an everyday flyer or grab a stool on the flightline and practice takeoff and landings.

    * It also has the added benefit of being an IMAA legal Warbird so you can fly with confidence that you won’t be out of place at a local meet or fly 

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