Seagull Piper Cub (75) 2.0m (79in) (SEA-87)



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  • Seagull Piper Cub (75) 2.0m (79in) (SEA-87)
  • Key Features
  • Approx flying weight - 7.5-9.3lbs (3.4-4.2kg)
  • Factory covered with Oracover
  • Flying skill level - Intermediate to Advanced
  • Length - 51.1ins (129.8cm)
  • Radio - 4 Channel with 6 servos
  • Suits - 61-75 2-Stroke (91 4-Stroke)
  • Wing area - 906.8sq.ins (
  • Wingspan - 78.7ins (200cm)


Product Description


The Seagull Decathlon and Cub series

Were designed to sweep away the cares and stresses of 21st century life. They are easy to fly with big, airy, spacious fuselages, super-lasered and laminated components with wonderful glass cloth cowls and spats painted withRembrandt-like care and accuracy!


They suit the intermediate level sport flyer and can be seen as the next stage on from the easy flying Seagull trainers.
Cubs and Decathlons are all easy to fly and quick to assemble thanks to the usual finished, covered and decorated components. You can probably see they are all factory-built to a very high standard with precision laser-cutting and high quality Oracover film as standard. As usual, the pushrods, the motor mounts, hinges, etc are factory-fitted for the fastest assembly time.

Of course, included too are comprehensive fittings kits, pre-painted L/W glass cloth cowls, aluminium wing struts, undercarriage, tail wheel assembly and fully illustrated instruction manuals.

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