Seagull Van's RV-8 Diamond Di 20cc 1.8m (70.9in) (SEA-249)



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  • Seagull Van's RV8 Diamond Di 20cc 1.8m (70.9in) (SEA-249)
  • Key Features
    • Lightweight, high quality CNC-cut balsa and ply construction.
    • Factory covered with genuine Oracover film.
    • High quality pre-painted glass fibre cowl.
    • Cockpit detail with pre-painted pilot figure.
    • Full hardware pack included for either glow or electric power.
    • Includes i.c. and electric power conversion pack.
    • Plug-in wing panels greatly assist storage and transport.
    • Functional flaps enhance the flight performance and assist short landing and take-off.
    • Large removable battery hatch for easy radio and flight battery access.
    • Painted aluminium landing gear.
    What's in the Box
    • 1x Pre-finished fuselage assembly.
    • 1x Pre-finished wing set.
    • 1x Pre-finished fin and rudder.
    • 1x Pre-finished tailplane unit.
    • 1x Painted aluminium undercarriage unit.
    • 1x Clear canopy moulding.
    • 1x Aluminium tubular wing joiner.
    • 1x Pre-painted glass fibre cowl.
    • 1x Pre-painted pilot figure.
    • 1x Hardware set (horns, hinges, linkages, pushrods, fuel tank etc).
    • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
    Needed to Complete
    • 1 x 15 – 20cc petrol, .91cu. in. 4-stroke glow or 1500 – 2000W electric motor.
    • 1 x 6-channel (minimum) computer radio with 8 MG5510DS servos
    • 1 x Propeller to suit chosen engine.
    • 1 x Suitable flight battery and speed controller (electric version only).
    • 4 x Servo extension leads for flap and aileron servos.

    Product Description
    Stylish, aerobatic, pretty, and with sleek racy lines, there's little not to like about the RV-8. Truth is the overall proportions, the parallel chord wing, the sturdy looking fixed undercarriage and the fighter-like bubble canopy combine to make this a gorgeous flyer and a modeller's dream. Seagull certainly knows a good aeroplane when it sees one and this one is guaranteed to win friends, particularly with such a useful wingspan; 70" is a perfect, practical size for everyday use yet still large enough to really make an impression and display presence in the air. Absolutely ideal for a 91 cu. in. four-stroke the RV-8 uses 8 standard servos and a minimum of 6 channels, although a computer radio with 7 or 8 channels allows the twin aileron, flap and elevator servos to be mixed and reduces the use of Y-leads.

    Built using Seagull's time-honoured CNC-cut interlocking balsa and ply construction and pre-covered in diligently applied Oracover heat-shrink film this is a model that builds quickly, looks fantastic, and suits anyone with previous low-wing aileron experience.


    Wingspan (mm): 1800
    Length (mm): 1473
    Rec'd engine (i.c.): 20 - 22cc petrol / .91 cu. in. glow
    Rec'd motor (electric): 1500 - 2000W
    Wing area (sq. in): 992
    Weight (lb): 11

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