SM Modellbau - Brushless speed sensor 2213

SM Modellbau


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  • SM Modellbau - Brushless speed sensor 2213
  • Brushless speed sensor for UniTest 2, UniLog and JLog2. Is simply connected to a supply line of the brushless motor to measure the speed.

    In the setup of the UniLog / UniTest 2 / JLog 2, the correct number of measuring pulses per revolution must be specified for the speed measurement. With optical and magnetic sensors, this is the number of propeller blades or magnets. With the brushless speed sensor this is the number of motor poles. A classic inrunner such as a Lehner or Hacker motor has 2 poles. An outrunner usually has 10 or 14 poles.

    The gear ratio can also be specified. If the speed is measured with the brushless speed sensor on an internal rotor with gearbox, an attached gearbox can also be included in the calculation. This gives the actual propeller speed.

    Cable length: approx. 300mm

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