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      • SM Modellbau UniLog 2 3000
    • The UniLog  2 is the successor to our successful UniLog data logger . All known functions of the UniLog have been taken over and brought up to date with the latest technology. Numerous new functions have been added so that practically nothing is left to be desired.

      Telemetry via 2.4 GHz systems with a return channel is now an integral part of the  UniLog  2 and is fully integrated. In accordance with our philosophy of supporting as many systems as possible, the UniLog  2 also speaks the language of Jeti Duplex , Multiplex M-Link , Graupner HoTT , Futaba , JR DMSS, FrSky and Spektrum (via spectrum adapter).
      The telemetry used  only needs to be specified once in the UniLog 2 settings. This is done either with our PC program " UniLog  2 Tool" or with the UniDisplay. HoTT GAM is selected in the delivery state 
      Since an additional barometric (air pressure) height sensor with high resolution is integrated, a Vario is also implemented with the UniLog  2 in telemetry mode . Extensive alarms can also be programmed, which are reported via telemetry via the respective transmitter.

      When operating with Multiplex M-Link , all data on the sensor bus is automatically logged by the UniLog  2 and also written to the memory card. You also get an MSB data logger by the way.

      A micro-SD memory card serves  as practically unlimited storage in the UniLog 2.
      With a recording rate of up to 20 Hz and the micro SD memory card, recordings of almost any length with high detail resolution are possible. The exchange of data with the PC for evaluation is therefore very easy: Take the memory card out of the UniLog  2 and insert it into a USB port of the PC using the card reader supplied. The measured values ​​of the UniLog 2 are available as text files on the memory card. The data is then displayed and evaluated using the familiar LogView software  or the GNU DataExplorer . Thanks to the internal real-time clock with battery, all measured values ​​are always provided with the date and time.

      The possibility of measuring single cell voltages is also new. A LiPo up to 6s can be connected directly to the UniLog  2 with its balancer plug , the individual voltages are measured and recorded and of course also transmitted via telemetry .

      All measured values ​​of the UniLog can be viewed via our UniDisplay 2 can also be viewed live and the recorded data can be read from the memory card. Minimum and maximum values ​​can be quickly retrieved from the stored records and displayed. All settings and alarms can of course also be programmed conveniently via UniDisplay.

      Regardless of whether it is a sailor, aerobatic machine , helicopter, HLG or slow flyer , the UniLog  2 can be used in almost any area due to its low weight and compact size. Of course, the UniLog  2 is not only suitable for model flying . It can also be built into RC boats, RC cars, etc.

      With the UniLog  2 you acquire a universal that is powerful in all respectsRC data logger and telemetry sensor that uses the possibilities of modern electronics to be of great help as a little helper in handling your RC models.

      And that is what the UniLog 2 can do:
      • Complete measurement of electric drives with current, voltage, power, capacity, speed and temperature measurement (current, speed and temperature sensors are available separately in different versions)
      • micro SD memory card,
        almost unlimited recording and easy data readout
      • full telemetry support for Jeti Duplex , Multiplex M-Link , Graupner HoTT , Futaba , JR DMSS , FrSky , Spektrum (via Spektrum adapter) and PowerBox Core , including barometric Vario
      • internal real-time clock (with battery for at least 5 years)
        all measurements are provided with a real time stamp, i.e. date and time
      • Storage rates from 1 measurement per second (1 Hz) to 20 measurements per second (20 Hz)
      • all sensors of the UniLog can still be used
      • Balancer connection for LiPo single cell measurement up to 6s
      • Height measurement with automatic zeroing after switching on
      • Current measuring range up to 400 A, voltage up to 60 V, depending on the connected sensor
      • Plug-in current and voltage sensor (therefore very small and light when used as a pure altimeter / vario, e.g. in sailors)
      • Connection for receiver signal (Rx) and signal output to controller (ESC)
      • universal connections for external speed sensor and up to three temperature sensors
      • Temperature measurement also with PT1000 sensors for an extended measuring range
      • Connection for speed sensor (Order No. 2560) for measuring flight speeds
      • Direct connection to the GPS logger possible for data recording in a file
      • Recording of all data on the multiplex sensor bus when operated with M-Link
      • Recording of the receiver battery voltage
      • Power supply automatically by receiver and / or drive battery
      • manual recording start via built-in button
      • Start of recording can be set by different conditions
      • The current status is indicated by three LEDs
      • Direct viewing of the measured values ​​live or recorded with our UniDisplay
      • Parameter settings possible via PC, UniDisplay and telemetry
      • Supported by the LogView software
        LogView is a very extensive and yet easy-to-use evaluation program for the PC that supports a large number of different measuring and charging devices from the model making sector.
      • simple and clear evaluation of the measurement results with the help of diagrams on the PC
      • Free firmware updates via memory card possible (the firmware file can be found here)
      • Can be used almost anywhere due to its compact size and low weight

      Technical data and the complete range of functions can be found in the operating instructions .