Spektrum 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 30C Smart G2 LiPo Battery: IC3

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  • Spektrum 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 30C Smart G2 LiPo Battery: IC3
  • overview

    Pilots and drivers benefit from the intelligent advantages of using Spektrum  Smart G2 30C LiPo batteries. New "Generation 2" functions make these LiPo packs in connection with your Smart Charger even easier and safer to use.

    The Spektrum  Smart G2 technology makes it much easier to charge your LiPo batteries, for example. The exchange of information takes place via a single cable in the innovative IC3 ® or IC5 ® connection of each Smart G2 battery. This means that only a single connection is required and the balancer cable is not required.

    Smart G2 batteries are programmed at the factory to automatically discharge to a safe storage voltage of 3.90V after 72 hours of inactivity. The advantages are longer battery life, better performance over the life of the pack and the feeling of security because your smart battery is maintenance-free. You can change the settings for the automatic discharge of the battery at any time according to your own requirements. G2 batteries also offer a discharge rate to storage voltage that is three times faster than previous G1 smart batteries.

    Smart G2 50C soft-case LiPo packs have thicker internal metal side panels. These plates improve heat dissipation and provide more protection for the cells against damage during hard landings or other impact situations.

    As with other smart batteries, you only need to change the charging setting if you really want to. When a Smart G2 LiPo battery is connected to a Spektrum  Smart charger, its specific charging parameters and health status are transferred from the battery's built-in memory microchip to the charger. You can read and define settings such as the charging rates on the charger. All you have to do to charge the battery is connect it to the smart charger and the smart technology will do the rest.

    Spektrum  Smart G2 50C LiPo batteries store a variety of important information including:

    • Battery brand
    • Battery type
    • Battery capacity
    • Battery discharge rate
    • Individual cell voltage
    • Battery temperature
    • Charge / discharge cycles

    Spektrum  Smart G2 LiPo 50C batteries also keep an error log including the number of overheating, overdischarging and overcharging incidents. This data can be helpful to ensure that the battery pack is also suitable for the selected area of ​​application. The innovative Spektrum  Smart G2 LiPo 50C batteries are so easy to use that they almost take care of themselves. With the Smart G2 technology it is easy to get the best performance, reliability and longevity from your G2 batteries.

    Note: G2 batteries require the use of a Spektrum  G2 Smart Charger or Smart Charger with G2 Update (available at Spektrumrc.com).


    • Simpler and safer to use
    • Balance charge through the IC3 ® or IC5 ® connector data wire - with only one connection, no balance lead required
    • Faster Auto Discharge at up to 1.5A to safe storage voltage for long battery life and improved performance
    • Thicker internal metal side plates protect cells and improve heat dissipation
    • Integrated microchip stores unique parameters for each battery
    • IC3 ® and IC5 ® connectors are also compatible with EC3  and EC5  styles
    • Spektrum  G2 Smart Charger required (or earlier Smart Charger with G2 update, available at Spektrumrc.com)

    Video overview


    Smart battery technology - a smart connection 
    Smart battery technology - a smart connection

    When a G2 battery pack is connected to a Spektrum  smart charger, the specific parameters, status and balancer information are automatically transferred from the memory microchip to the charger via the IC3 ® or IC5 ® connector. To charge and balance the pack, all you have to do is connect it to your smart charger. Safe charging starts automatically and no separate balance connector is required.


    Rich in data 
    Rich in data

    An integrated microchip enables every Smart G2 battery to store important information such as battery brand, battery type, number of cells, capacity, number of charging cycles, number of discharges, discharge rate, battery temperature and the internal resistance. In addition, each battery stores a log of unhealthy events such as overcharging, overdischarging and overtemperature. This means that you are always making the most informed and best decision when choosing your battery in preparation for a flight or run.


    Automatic smart discharge to storage voltage 
    Automatic smart discharge to storage voltage

    Spektrum  Smart G2 batteries are practically self-sufficient. G2 batteries are programmed at the factory so that they automatically discharge to a safe storage voltage of 3.90V per cell after 72 hours of inactivity. This results in a longer battery life and better performance over the life of the pack and you get a feeling of security because your smart battery is maintenance-free. The settings for the automatic discharge to storage voltage can be changed by the user at any time according to his own requirements.


    Easy and fast 
    Easy and fast

    Preset charging, discharging and storage parameters are automatically transferred from your Spektrum  Smart G2 battery to your smart charger. This makes charging as easy as plugging in the pack. The charging rate of individual batteries can also be individually adjusted by the user so that you can take full advantage of packs with higher charging rates. The integrated microchip of the battery remembers the last set charging rate and this setting takes effect automatically the next time you connect it.


    IC3 and IC5 connectors 
    IC3 ® and IC5 ® connections

    The innovative smart connection is made possible by a microchip built into each battery, which transmits the unique information of the battery via a data cable to the IC connection. Spektrum  Smart IC3 ® and IC5 ® connectors are designed from the ground up to provide a stronger connection, greater heat resistance and ease of installation. IC connectors are also backward compatible with EC connectors so that you can use smart batteries with older systems. Smart G2 batteries can only be charged with smart chargers.

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