Spektrum AR410 4 Channel Sport Receiver



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      • Spektrum AR410 4 Channel Sport Receiver
    • features

      • Compact, low-cost, full-range DSMX telemetry receiver
      • Insensitive, antenna-less design facilitates installation 
      • Integrated flight log and receiver voltage monitoring via telemetry
      • Rounded lightweight housing 
      • Big tie button makes a bind plug superfluous 
      • Parkflyertaugliches lightweight with full-range performance
      • Ideal for most 4 channel models, including indoor sports models


      The Spektrum AR410 flight receiver is a 4-channel full-range sport receiver with DSMX compatibility and fits in almost all models due to its slim design.

      The integrated antenna of the AR410 facilitates the installation of the receiver into the model, while at the same time increasing reliability. The Spektrum AR410 is not just a well-rounded electronic component that connects to your servos. Rather, it represents a new installation experience coupled with full range for use in your electric or combustion models.

      In addition, the AR410 has built-in telemetry that permanently transmits flight log data and receiver battery voltage. Simply enable the auto-configuration in your telemetry menu of your Spektrum remote control - you do not have to do more to enjoy your flight with a clear conscience - knowing your flight data recorder and power supply.

      No binders anymore! Instead, they use the big bind button to initiate the binding process.

      In summary, you get a Basic Spektrum receiver that guarantees you the highest level of safety and fun.

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