Spektrum AR8360T DSMX 8-Channel AS3X & SAFE Telemetry Receiver



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  • Spektrum AR8360T DSMX 8-Channel AS3X & SAFE Telemetry Receiver
  • Overview

    The Spektrum AR8360T 8-Channel AS3X / SAFE Telemetry Receiver is a DSM2 ® and DSMX ® capable receiver with a compact design that fits into a wide variety of aircraft. The AR8360T is an 8-channel full-range receiver with built-in AS3X stabilization that uses a 3-axis MEMS gyro and exclusive flight control software optimized by experienced RC pilots to monitor the effects of wind, turbulence and Counteracts torque. There is no delay in control response or limitation in control. You will simply feel like you are flying an expertly tuned model that does exactly what you want.

    The AR8360T has full range telemetry and a built-in barometer to provide altitude and vario telemetry data without the need for additional purchases. The included XBUS and temperature connections can be used to add additional telemetry sensors, which can be purchased separately. It also has an SRXL2 connector for an SRXL2 receiver (SPM9747 or SPM4751T), which can be purchased separately to add additional RF_path redundancy. An SRXL2 / Bind / Program / Batt-Servo header is available to connect smart devices, program and update the receiver, bind with a traditional bind plug, or connect a battery. The AR8360T also has a bind button for easy binding without a plug and offers both SmartSafe technology and Hold Last Command as well as pre-set failsafe variants that can be set by further programming. In addition, the gas duct connection is immediately compatible with Smart ESC.

    Please note: The Spektrum transmitters DX7S and DX8 Gen 1 do not display altitude or variometer telemetry with the AR8360T receiver.


    • Compatible with all Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX transmitters
    • Built-in AS3X stabilization system with available SAFE flight attitude protection
    • AS3X and SAFE are set up by further programming directly from your spectrum transmitter *
    • The compact footprint fits most models from park flyer size to large models
    • With full-range telemetry and integrated barometer to provide altitude and vario telemetry data without additional sensors
    • The bind button allows for easy binding and eliminates the need to use a bind plug
    • Two external antennas ensure safe RF coverage from all angles of the aircraft
    • Additional RF path redundancy with an additional SRXL2 receiver (SPM9747 or SPM4651, sold separately)
    • In connection with a Spektrum Smart ESC prepared for ONE-WIRE telemetry data without the use of additional modules, connections and cables
    • Advanced programming for setting individual failsafe parameters per channel and more

    The exclusive Spektrum  AS3X ® technology improves flight stability by counteracting the effects of wind, turbulence and other external forces so that your aircraft flies smoothly and precisely. You will feel like you are controlling an expertly tuned model that follows exactly the commands you are controlling.



    You can configure the AR8360T receiver wirelessly directly from any compatible Spektrum  transmitter via the Advanced Programming menu. No separate computer or mobile device is required for setup and customization.



    The flight mode SAFE ® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) helps the pilot to avoid overloading his models. SAFE uses AS3X to achieve normal flight performance, but with limited angles of inclination to prevent the aircraft from entering extreme flight attitudes.



    The panic button is sometimes referred to as rescue mode and is a safe stabilization mode that can be used to return an aircraft to level flight from any attitude. It is usually assigned to a button.



    Use the AR8360T receiver with a Smart ESC and a telemetry enabled Spektrum DSMX ® transmitter to take full advantage of Smart  technology. Important telemetry data such as current, voltage, temperature and speed are sent directly to your transmitter in real time. You can find more information about Smart Technology on our Spektrum Smart Technology page.



    The Spektrum  AR8360T receiver has an integrated barometer (built-in pressure sensor) to provide altitude and variotelemetry data without the need to purchase additional sensor modules.

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