Spektrum Lap Timer Base Unit SPMLTG5000



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  • Spektrum Lap Timer Receiver SPMLTT2500
  • The Spektrum™ Lap Timer System is an extremely simple to use personal lap timing device that sends lap time information directly on your compatible Spektrum radio. Spektrum Gen II/III transmitter users have the added benefit of using the integrated voice alert system to call out lap times automatically so you never have to take your eyes away from the aircraft or vehicle. The Base Unit is a gate controller that weighs a mere 14.5 grams, is compact in size and easy to setup so that you can create a custom track in a backyard, local track, flying field, etc. Simply assign a gate as a Start and Finish or expand the system to include up to 9 more Base Units. This allows you to know what lap times are possible and what your speed is through a particular section or curve of the track. To take advantage of this valuable race practice tool, a Spektrum Lap Timer Receiver (SPMLTT2500) or IR Sensor (SPMLTT1000, for use with the SPMFCF400) as well as at least one Base Unit with IR LED Strip and a 3S LiPo (10–12.6V) is needed

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