Spektrum S150 AC Smart Charger Intl, 1x50W

Spektrum Smart


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    • Spektrum S150 AC Smart Charger Intl, 1x50W
  • The future of LiPo charging technology has begun

    Spectrum Smart technology enables you to practice your hobby more comfortably and safely. You get full control of your charging technology and have a safer and more conscious overview of your equipment - this makes your hobby easier for you every day. Your charging technology will be "more intelligent".

    For all model builders looking for a better way to charge batteries, the Spektrum Smart Charger and Smart LiPos bring an intuitive charging experience that leads to a simple, connected and safer charging experience. With the Spektrum Smart charging technology, the annoying setting of the charger when charging your LiPo batteries is no longer necessary. This is made possible by an integrated microchip on every Smart-LiPo, which communicates with your smart charger to automatically determine the best charging settings. Plug it in and just press start. While all modelers can enjoy this simplification, advanced modelers can use individual data such as the number of cycles, damaging parameters such as overcharging and deep discharge, battery temperature, C-value and much more - all stored in each LiPo. . In addition, the automatic bearing tension ensures a better and longer service life of your LiPos.


    • Recognizes unique smart battery information for safe and easy charging
    • Can also be used to charge batteries without smart technology
    • 50 watt charging power, up to 5 amps charging current
    • Compact, easily portable design
    • One-button user interface and easy-to-understand charge indicator
    • Adaptable for AC or DC input (includes AC power up to 20 V DC power supply)
    • The quiet internal fan ensures a safe and efficient operating temperature
    • Supports charging of LiPo, Lilon, LiHV and NiMH batteries
    • Accepts future smart technology updates

    Product overview

    With the compact S150 AC Mini Smart Charger, model builders of all experience levels can use the charging advantages of the innovative Spektrum ™ Smart technology. This 50 watt charger has the advanced smart charging functions and features in a cost-effective platform with an easy-to-use one-button user interface.

    When used with Spektrum Smart batteries with an IC3 ™ or IC5 ™ connector, the S150 loads the charging information from the integrated memory chip of each battery. These individual data help you to assess the battery status and make charging child's play, as the S150 can automatically read and make the correct chemistry setting. The S150 AC Mini Smart Charger is compatible with LiPo, Lilon, LiHV and NiMH battery types.

    Is required
    • Nothing
    scope of delivery
    • (1) Spektrum ™ S150 AC Mini Smart Charger
    • (1) AC power cord
    • (1) Operating instructions

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