Stinger 40cc Twin Petrol Engine

Stinger Engines


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  • Stinger 40cc Twin Petrol Engine
  • Key Features
    • Walbro carburettor.
    • Powerful 40cc (2.44cu in.) displacement.
    • 1500 to 8600rpm range
    • 19x8 to 20x10" propeller range.
    • Uses 30:1 (recommended) pre-mixed fuel.
    • Auto advance electronic ignition system.
    • Easy starting.
    • Twin mufflers.
    • Includes CDI unit, mufflers and spark plugs.
    • 1323g
    What's in the Box
    • 1x Stinger 40cc twin.
    • 1x Electronic CDI unit.
    • 2x Spark plugs.
    • 2x Mufflers.
    • 2x Muffler extension pipes.
    • 1x Gasket and bolt set.
    • 1x Throttle arm extension.
    • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
    Needed to Complete
    • 1x 19x8, 19x10, 20x8 or 20x10" propeller.
    • 1x Ignition battery (6 – 8.4V NiMH, 6.6V LiFe or 7.4V LiPo).

    Product Description
    One of the strongest and most powerful engines in its class, RCGF’s compact 40cc Stinger twin has been built to offer years of trouble-free service. Re-designed and re-engineered, Stinger engines incorporate a more robust metallurgy in their parts and a tougher crank system allied to exceptionally high quality bearings. Add this to a case that's manufactured from a tailored no-compromise aluminium alloy and the result is not only an impressive power output but a stronger, more attractive product all round.

    Having stood the test of time by providing solid, reliable and powerful petrol engines for well over a decade, greater numbers of R/C pilots are turning to Stinger engines for their aircraft, partly due to the obvious fuel efficiency of the type but also due to the economy of scale that these particular purpose-designed two-strokes offer, especially as an alternative to traditional glow power. If you love engines, as many do, Stinger is the way to go.


    Displacement (cc): 40
    Bore (mm): 32
    Stroke (mm): 26
    Weight (g): 1323
    Fuel: Petrol
    Petrol / Oil mix: 30:1
    Static thrust (lb): 23.4
    Spark plug: 1/4-32

    Engine Technical Specifications

    Weights & Dimensions
    Weight 1323g 46.67oz
    Shipping Weight 1.99kg 4.39lbs

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