Venus Sprayer Super HD Alkaline 1.5L

Autoglym Professional


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        • Venus Sprayer Super HD Alkaline 1.5L
        • Kwazar Venus Super HD Alka line is a conveniently sized spray bottle designed for alkaline products. It has to be pressurized by pumping, so during use itself, the work goes smoothly by pressing the button located under the thumb. The nozzle can be directed freely thanks to the ball joint. The misting can be adjusted from a fine mist to a spot-like one. NOTE! The viscosity of the liquid to be sprayed can affect the adjustment range.

          Size and features

          • effective bottle volume 1.5 liters (total volume including air space 1.87 liters)
          • on the side of the white bottle there is a transparent stripe with a measuring scale for dilution
          • EPDM seals are resistant to most alkaline chemicals used in car care
          • directional nozzle
          • adjustable atomization
          • thumb trigger
          • safety valve to prevent overfilling, pressure max. 2.6 bar
          • height 33 cm

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